St Matthew's Air Conditioning Appeal

The air conditioning system of St Matthew's Church is old and has had extensive repairs. 

As it is getting harder to find parts for these repairs, we are hoping to replace the air conditioning unit with a new more efficient system and are calling on our community members to help us with this project.                                                Can you help?

The seasons in Windsor can be extreme, so reverse cycle air conditioning is required for the comfort of parishioners. 


Any donation you are able to make, big or small, would be greatly appreciated. 


You can collect a donation envelope from the Church, or you can contact the Parish Office by phone and make a donation using your credit card.


St Matthew's is blessed to have at its heart a piece of Australian history in the oldest church on mainland Australia. Any projects undertaken are expensive as they have to comply with the heritage aspects of the Church.   


Please help us make this project a reality!

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